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Management of finance is the most crucial part of a business. Once the company gets incorporated, it ends up entering into multiple transactions every day, which results in inflow and outflow of cash, and it needs to be measured. To have a clear understanding of ‘What is Cashflow?’ and how it can benefit your business, you need to go through the following treatise.
A cashflow is a tool that states a clear picture of the cash movement. It is considered as one of the vital document as it completes the financial report set of an organization. These movements have been categorized into different segments namely: Operating, Investing and Financing Activities.
Do you maintain a track of your business cash flow?


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ALRIYADAH Tax & Management Consultancy is distinguished as one of the leading Accounting and Auditing firms in UAE. It is multilingual professionals employed to support over 150 clients with various professional services such as tax, auditing, accounting and advisory services, have deep knowledge of local laws and customs.

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How can Accounting Software Consultancy process help your business to grow?

  •  Complete financial control

    Among the advantages, accounting programs allow shop owners to fully control the accounts and inventory control themselves, even if they do not have previous knowledge of how to use accounting programs. With a little training, you can deal with all the requirements of the accounting program and using your computer.

  • Avoid more employees

    Computer programs work to reduce employees by organizing accounting processes, facilitating organized entry and archiving processes, managing comprehensive accounts for all requirements of the institution and extracting the necessary reports with ease.

  • Accuracy of information

    One of the most important advantages of accounting software is that it reduces a lot of errors during data entry and output operations. If you use manual notation, there will be major errors when estimating information and budgets, and this leads to the occurrence of some cases that are harmful to companies and shops.

  • full integration

    One of the important things that you should put among your priorities when purchasing an accounting program, which is the ability of the program to integrate with other departments of the organization and the ability to add them when needed, and control them from one device so that it gives you all the statistics that interest you.

  • High data security

    The most important thing that organizations and commercial establishments care about is how to save and store data in safe and confidential places so that it does not fall into the hands of unwanted people; Computer programs ensure that your financial and monetary data remain protected and that no one can access them unless you give them permission and permissions.

  • profits and losses

    Accounting programs must include reports on the extent of the profits and losses of the commercial establishment in order to develop solutions, know which department is responsible, and calculate the costs that cause you the loss or profit that occurs, in a practical and logical manner.

  • Billing Management

    Accounting programs allow full control over the preparation of invoices that fit with the company’s commercial policy and choose the appropriate designs, with the possibility of placing the company’s logo to show the identity of the organization and the institution. You can also use accounting systems to manage orders and send invoices to customers or suppliers via e-mail.

  • Settlement and multiplicity of the bank

One of the advantages of accounting software is bank reconciliation, which is critical to ensuring the accuracy of your monetary information and ensuring the correct and controlled transfer; As well as the possibility of multiple banks is an important thing to make it easier for you to deal with more than one customer and supplier and more than one bank.

  • Product control

With accounting programs, you can even calculate stagnant products or those that have little demand and link them to a specific supplier. A search that enables you to monitor the supplier’s products that cause you loss and stagnation and do the necessary for that.

What are the Features Available in an Accounting Software?

An accounting software eases the business process as it includes the following features:

What are the Features Available in an Accounting Software

Accounting Software Types

Different accounting software have been built based on their utilization.  The different types of accounting software include the following:

  1. Finance

The finance and accounting module is the most important ERP module

  1. Procurement

The procurement module, also known as the purchasing module, helps an organization secure the materials or products it needs to manufacture and/or sell goods

  1. Manufacturing

The earliest version of ERP, material requirements planning (MRP) systems, were designed for manufacturers, and manufacturing remains a key piece of ERP.

  1. Inventory Management

The inventory management module enables inventory control by tracking item quantities and location down to individual SKUs.

  1. Order Management

An order management module tracks orders from receipt to delivery.

  1. Warehouse Management

A warehouse management module can deliver a rapid return on investment for businesses that operate their own warehouses.

  1. Supply Chain Management

A supply chain management module tracks each step in the movement of supplies and goods throughout the supply chain, from sub-suppliers to suppliers to manufacturers to distributors to retailers or consumers.

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The customer relationship management (CRM) module stores all customer and prospect information.

  1. Professional Services Automation (Service Resource Management)

A professional services automation (PSA) module, also called a service resource management module, allows an organization to plan and manage projects

  1. Workforce Management

A workforce management module is similar to a human resource management module but is designed for companies with more hourly than salaried employees.

  1. Human Resources Management

A human resource management (HRM) or human capital management (HCM) module usually encompasses all the features of a workforce management application and offers additional capabilities

Alriyadah Accounting Software Services

At Alriyadah, we provide the following accounting software services:

  • Let us develop your business through software.
  • Accounting services through advanced accounting software.
  • We analyze your business through programs.
  • We make all documentaries automated and organized through accounting programs.

Our Strengths

  • Integration into the team.
  • Accuracy and reliability of information.
  • Strong team experience.

How Alriyadah Can Help Your Business?

ALRIYADAH Tax & Management Consultancy is distinguished as one of the leading Accounting and Auditing firms in UAE. It is multilingual professionals employed to support over 150 clients with various professional services such as tax, auditing, accounting and advisory services, have deep knowledge of local laws and customs.

In addition to local expertise, ALRIYADAH team is particularly known for their experiences that was, according to their client’s experience, of invaluable significance to those companies that are establishing their business operations in UAE & GCC countries. Experienced partners, executives and consultants with their vast experience and highest qualifications are determined to provide professional support to both national and multinational companies.

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