• Corporate Strategy

A precise and well researched Corporate Strategy is the blueprint for any

company’s growth. It is the direction an organization takes with the objective of

achieving business success in the long term. It’s our role to translates the findings into strategic imperatives accompanied by an actionable roadmap that will shape the business operations and enable it to realize stakeholders’ vision.

Corporate Strategies should be revised every 3 to Corporate Strategies should be revised every 3 to 5 years, whenever the organization is passing through critical growth stage, significant market changes or whenever the organization is reshaping its business.

  • Feasibility Studies & Business Planning

Feasibility Studies focus on a variety of factors including political, regulatory, demographic, geographic, socio-economic, supply, demand, and many other business-related factors. Its key objective is to identifying the feasibility of setting up new organizations, adding business lines or even pursuing new expansions of up-and-running firms. It usually results in a “GO/NO-GO” recommendation.

Although feasibility studies cover different business dimensions nevertheless they are still a “GO/NO-GO” identification tool that cannot be used to implement what was studied, consequently, we help organizations translate them into functional business plans upon which the new endeavors can be successfully set up and run..

  • Business Audit

The main idea behind Business Audit service is to offer our clients a swift cost-effective tool to spot functional gaps, operational gaps and value chain deficiencies within an organization that if were properly tackled a boast in performance will inevitably occur. Audit findings are followed by strategic recommendations and actionable milestones.

Business Audits are smaller forms of the sophisticated heavy investment Corporate Strategy service.

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Al Hind Tower #1405 AlKhan - Sharjah